Our story

TJ, furrbabies.co.uk founder, has run a successful dog walking and sitting business since 2015. She considers this the pawfect job as she gets to play with her four-legged pals every day. She knows them and their individual personalities, and both gives and receives unconditional love. She also experiences first-hand the unique bond that people have with their pets, which is why she created furrbabies.co.uk.

This is not puppy love...

Pets are our friends, part of our families. They make us feel good. They are always pleased to see us, giving us hugs and (wet) kisses when we need them most.


The feel-good factor you get from loving your pet isn’t just fluff. Pets help humans and that is a fact. There are some sound psychological reasons as to why pet love is the real thing. Anyone who saw garden expert Monty Don’s tear-jerking tribute to his gorgeous dog Nigel will completely get it. And is there anything better than that video of Michelle Obama’s final walk-through of the White House with Portuguese Water dogs Sunny and Bo at her side?

For many of us, our pets are our children, so we wanted to offer  a one-stop-shop to create the pawfect image of your pet on a great range of merchandise so you never forget the good times with your best friend.


Meet the artist

Dorset based Jo Parry is a professional, full time, illustrator who began working as an artist after completing 5 years of art school before embarking on a career as a freelance illustrator.

Her work is highly sought after and can be found in children's books to wall art for high street names.